• is not responsible for the loss of property and any possible damage to visitors’ cars
  • not responsible for injuries of vision and hearing (which can cause strong light and sound, so protect your eyesight and hearing), and for any type of injury occurring outside the festival area

(Decoded Records, ECHO Music Association)

  • have the right to deny entry to any visitor they think might cause problems or endanger the safety of festival-goers
  • do not take responsibility for damage, loss of property, any injury, and for shortening or canceling a festival caused by superior force beyond their power


  • damaged tickets will not be valid
  • tickets purchased online must be printed on A4 paper
  • each visitor agrees to be pictured and audio recorded during the festival as part of the audience
  • the purchased ticket cannot be exchanged or refunded
  • for a refund of the purchased ticket in case of cancellation of the festival due to superior force (any occurrence beyond the organizer’s power) you will be notified if this occurs
  • for any problem you can turn to the security guards because they are your festival guardian angels
  • take care of the environment at the festival and throw the waste in the provided bins


  • unused drink vouchers cannot be refunded


  • visitors with prominent football fan symbols will not be entrance to the festival
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